Practice Profile

International Business

For more than 100 years, Cassels Brock has been helping Canadian companies take advantage of opportunities around the world and making it easier for foreign-based businesses to do business here.

We have represented a wide variety of clients, both Canadian and international, whose business affairs cross borders. These include financial institutions, major franchisors, e-business companies, manufacturing, retail, consultants and multinationals. We act for Fortune 100 clients, small business with international presence and global financial institutions.

Regardless of its home jurisdiction and other locations in the world, if a company wants to enter the Canadian market, Cassels Brock can assist. This includes assisting in listing stock on Canadian or international stock exchanges and meeting regulatory approval challenges.

Companies doing business in Canada can be helped with:

Our partners have written the Canada-US Commercial Law Guide, published by Thomson Carswell. The materials include the review of insolvency, taxation, banking, corporate commercial speciality finance, securitization, regulatory issues, intellectual property, corporate, partnership and similar topics. This is one of Thomson Carswell’s leading published texts in this area. We also publish and regularly update Doing Business in Canada, an essential primer for American companies with Canadian operations, or those casting an eye on Canada.

The group has special expertise in cross-border structuring tools including those needed to meet regulatory requirements to reduce the tax consequences of acquisitions, sales, securitization, secured finance and capital investment and to simplify and expedite business relations. We are fully familiar with the regulatory legal and marketing requirements involved in the use of these types of cross-border international structuring tools.

Our lawyers in the group, in addition to being recognized authors on the topic, are also professors to masters of law level programs on topics such as international finance. We bring transaction experience together with academic and market knowledge to provide cost, time and process effective solutions to the cross-border transaction.

The group has engaged in transactions ranging from finding an effective way to do the smaller mid-market, access to foreign capital markets, structure and completed purchase and sales by foreign entities in Canada and by Canadian entities outside of Canada; but also significant financing transactions such as United States based financing of Canadian arenas and hockey teams, several acquisitions for United States based private investment hedge funds including purchase price transactions to the several billion dollars. We use our expertise in competition and investment law, securities, tax, financial institution regulation and international finance on a team based approach. In other words, this group tries to bring cost and time effective legal skills to the small and mid-market deal but is capable of, and has, worked with Canadian and non-Canadian financial institutions and corporations structuring, and assisting in the legal matters required to complete, financings and purchases involving Canada and other national jurisdictions, both into and out of Canada, in the hundreds of millions and billions of dollar values.